Monday, December 21, 2015

The LIttle Book of Skin Care

I recently read a book about skin care that I loved, The Little Book of Skin Care. I know that probably sounds weird but really this book is packed full of really great information to help one achieve their best skin. The book is focused on Korean beauty secrets for healthy skin. It is a must read!

Author Charlotte Cho also has a great blog and website, SoKo Glam. It is full of great advice and Korean skin care.

I have been trying some of the products from SoKo Glam and have to tell you about one in particular. The Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack has quickly become one of my favorite products. It is a super hydrating mask to wear while you sleep. It is a light weight gel that you smooth on your face after cleansing. You can literally see little water droplets on your skin right away. Living in Utah my skin gets so dehydrated (lacking water not oil) and it can be hard to find good products that help my skin retain water and moisture. The Lioele Sleeping Pack left my skin feeling soft and hydrated in the morning. Did I mention it is only $16?

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