Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dianna's must haves

I can not and will not live with out this! Intaglio cosmeceuticals is by far the best skin care line I have ever used! enough said!

What girl can resist slut red nail polish? I know I cant! If this doesn't scream cfmn I don't know what does(except maybe crotchless panties)

Where would I be with out this heaven sent invention? My shoe boxes (that are lined up perfectly in my closet) would not have perfect little labels telling me which shoe is what. My filing cabinet would not have neatly typed tabs indicating where to file which document or receipt. Oh the joys of organization. But then again if I didn't have the Brother P Touch, I wouldn't have Travis contradicting my labeling with his "its not junk" labels.

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  1. You know i love the red nail polish...for toes only!


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