Friday, April 13, 2007

A slice of heaven

I have been to Italy a few times and I adore their pizza! In fact on my travels there I would eat an average of 1.5 pizzas a day. Each time I would come back to Salt Lake and crave Italian pizza, I would look all over Salt Lake searching for the desirable margherita pizza. Many claimed they had Italian pizza but they were all impostures, fakes, phonies!
A few months ago my fabulous sister Susie told me about a restaurant that would be opening in Salt Lake City that would serve authentic Italian pizza. I didn't want to get my hopes up, after all I had already come to the conclusion that the ONLY place that could make real Italian pizza is Italy. Just as Susie said, Settebello opened and Travis and I ventured out to try the pizza. Travis and I are just about the pickiest eaters alive! I know small children who eat better then us. Trav ordered his pizza with sausage and mine was a margherita. As we waited all about 5 minutes for our pizzas to arrive Travis complained about how he knew he wouldn't like this pizza and we should have gone somewhere else to eat. Then the pizzas arrived, Travis took one bite and announced "this is the best pizza ever" I agree. Ahh I can now finally say Salt Lake city has an Italian slice of heaven. I have been to Settebellos a handful of times and each time I go, I leave wanting more.

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