Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cute PJs

I have been day dreaming about pajamas, so I thought I would share some cute pjs with you.
I really want this Gingham cami & short pajama set! You really cant go wrong with gingham.

Polka dot pajamas
India Lace Chemise
Coral Stripe Cotton PJs
I love the Cami Boy India Short Set. They look so comfy!
Victoria's Secrets Mayfair boxer pajama in cotton is one of my favorite sets! I just love short sleeve button down jammies.

How cute are these sweet pea pjs from pajama gram? They are too cute!


  1. You can't go wrong with gingham? I bought a red gingham French cuff dress shirt at Debenham's on Oxford Street in London. It's a medium size check and no matter how I wear it (generally with a navy blue tie with white polka dots), someone inevitably tells me I look as though I am wearing a picnic table cloth.

    I still love the shirt.

  2. I love the VS Pj's cute!!!

  3. H. Justin
    Don’t listen to people who say such things, they are just jealous! I want to see this gingham/polka dot combo. Pic? I think it sounds fabulous!


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