Thursday, May 3, 2007

L is for

is for Lacoste.

I have always loved Lacoste golf shirts! I remember the first time I went into a Lacoste sore, I was in heaven. I loved the way the store was set up, so simple and clean.

I love they way everything is displayed in like styles or like colors. I especially love the wall of golf shirts. They are lined up in perfect rows, with like colors. Ahh I will have a closet lined up like that one day, but my small closet will have to stay the way it is for now.

I have this little tradition of buying a Lacoste shirt for Travis every time I go into one of their stores. It may seem like I do it all the time, but there aren't any stores here in Utah. The pique golf shirts are my favorite! They hold up so well, the color never fades, they always look so nice and I just love the little alligator.

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