Saturday, May 5, 2007

N is for

Is for Natalie Wood

I love Natalie Wood, I think she is very pretty and is a timeless beauty.
When I was about five years old my mom introduced me to my favorite movie Gypsy starring Natalie Wood. I loved Natalie in that movie so much and I wanted to be just like her. I really liked the end of the movie when she would strip. I thought it was so glamorous and fun. I decided I was going to be a burlesque dancer too! I would practise some dances of my own. I would layer on clothes and make my family watch my dances, and I would strip down to my swim suit (just like in Gypsy) I was devastated when I found out that burlesque dancers didn't strip down to just there swim suits!
Either way I still love the movie Gypsy and I still love Natalie Wood.
No I didn't ever become a burlesque dancer!

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