Friday, May 4, 2007

Dianna's Must haves

Is it possible to have too many white fitted T shirts? I certainly dont think so. I have a million fitted white Tshirts in my closet. I wear a plain white T shirt and jeans on a regualr basis. It is one of my staples! My favorite white T is from Gap.
I love to curl my hair, but a regular curling iron wont work. My hair is too heavy and the curls fall right out, but not with HairArt Super Rollers. They are so easy to use and the curls last all day and night (with little or no hair product)

Victoria's Secrets oversized sunglasses are a favorite of mine. I have the hardest time finding sunglasses, they always seem to big or too small but these are perfect. They come in brown and black and they are inexpensive.

Nail Envy by OPI is by far one of the best nail strengtheners I have ever used! I have the flimsiest nails and Nail Envy fixes that right up.

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