Monday, November 5, 2007

Driving Home

Travis likes to drive, I don't. When we are together he drives. I really like it because I get to see things that I normally wouldn't see because I am focused on the road. Lately I have been taking pictures while he is driving. Here are a few pictures on our drive home from Trolley Square last week.

Do you know the location of the pictures? Okay the first two could be anywhere, but the last one?


  1. Miss Dianna! I was drifting through some blogs and I hit the jackpot! I couldn't get through all of it but what I read was funny. I remember the sleepover at Brads house, your pink milk, dress ups, your love affair with flappers and so much more. Plus on Mary's blog, her flashback to you breaking Jenny Arnows tree made me laugh cry for five minutes. I wasn't there but I remember Jenny. One time you and Mary tried to put a package of ground beef on her face. Good Times!

  2. That would be the Southwest corner of 2700 South and 700 East - Nibley Park Golf Course (5th Hole green is right behind the trees)

    Am I right???

  3. Todd your right. couldnt you get the other two .


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