Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tuesday night Travis and I drove to O Town to buy this little kitty!
We haven't been able to think of a good name for her, we have been calling her Kitty. Maybe that will be her name. Any suggestions on a name?
She has been so fun! She is almost 6 weeks old. Her mom died and that's why we got her when she is so young.
She loves to play with ribbons and she always gets tangled up in them. She also loves to play on my bed. It is so funny watching her try to jump up on the bed because she is so little.


  1. Call her Ribbons.

  2. She looks like an Amy or an Alison.

    Just don't let mom pick out a name for her.

  3. How about Brian? Seems to me like the perfect fit.

  4. Emily I cant believe you remember ed that name! What was I thinking?!

  5. What a cute addition to your family. What about Ms. Chief and call her chief. SO FUN!!


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