Monday, January 7, 2008

Book Club

Why do I love this picture?

Is it because I love the room? Yes
Is it because I would love to be in a book club that met in this room? Yes
Is it because I love this board? Yes
Take a closer look at this cool board.
Book club members. Check.
Calendar. Check.
Reading wish list. Check.
Current book reading. Check.
I tried a book club once. It was okay.
Has anyone ever tried an online book club?
I am thinking I want to try one.


  1. So funny you are into Book Clubs. Kim and I were just talking in December about starting one. Would you want to do one? I think it could be really fun. I just need to call you! I could write a novel on your blog....

  2. That board is so pretty! Sorry, I've never done a book club.

  3. What's up with the new ring? It's gorgeous!

  4. Hey I love to read! An online book club would be such a good idea!

  5. GINA AND DIANNA i want to be in on this club too, we were talking about it at the christmas party and how it will be an "elite" club. oooh it would be too much fun!

  6. I clicked on this link from Sheye's blog and I see this Post. I thought it was your house and I was a bit envious of your book collection and how gorgeous this room is. I too wish I had a room/house that was picture perfect like this.

  7. This board is great!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'


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