Saturday, March 8, 2008

Skull Tie

I am thinking this would be a fun tie for Travis. A little pricey though.

I need to stop finding ties for that boy. Travis owns WAY too many ties! I just counted and he has 37 ties. He is a butcher and does not dress up for work. He wears 1 tie a week to church.

How many ties do either you or your husband own? Is 37 a lot?


  1. al has 32 but most of them are quite hideous. he probably has about ten that i approve of.

    on a separate note, i love your husband's butcher blog--it totally made us laugh tonight!

  2. A guy can never have too many ties.

    Just keep him away from Brad or your older brother will begin to convert him into buying matching pocket squares for his suits.

  3. my hubby has zillions of ties. and whenever we shop he gets more. but they make them look so handsome. i love the skull tie... it's way cute.

  4. I think I own about 50 ties -
    A guy can never own too many ties.

    So how many of Travis' ties came from China while Mark was there on business?

  5. Toddy,
    Only 1 came from China, maybe 2.

  6. I think that phil only has one, that about sums up his view on ties

  7. i like the blue one. super cute. i love ties. can't wait to buy them.


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