Monday, June 30, 2008

Highlights From The Beach

  • H&M
  • Cotton candy
  • The fun zone
  • Ice cream
  • Wahoo's
  • The Irvine Spectrum
  • The beach
  • Going to bed early
  • South Coast Plaza
  • Playing with my friend Jenny
  • Fashion Island
  • Italian subs
  • Crab Cooker
  • Doughnuts for breakfast
  • Side Street Cafe
  • Lotto tickets
  • Playing with the kids

Bella and Ella showing off their bikinis

Whitney and Leah

Zack with his bobble head from the Dodgers game

Zack, Whit, Bella, Grace waiting to take family pictures

Pile on Travis


Johnny and Bella

Jim and Ella at the fun zone

Grace gathering tickets

Bella at the fun zone


  1. Obviously, I am envious.

    Now, help me convince your sister not to cut Ella's hair this week.

    And that picture of Leah doesn't do her justice. (Did she tell you what a rooster says? I love how she does that.)

  2. You forgot a few:

    Ben and Jerry's
    (Fresh)Cotton Candy
    Sales at Carter's
    Foot massages from Whitney

  3. oh my gosh, cutest kiddos ever. Grace is HUGE. I'm glad you are home now.

  4. I am jealous. And to think that I spent a crappy weekend with my in-laws at Bear Lake while you guys were soaking up the sun in Newport Beach (oops - I hope the in-laws don't read that!)

    I am already looking for a place to rent out for next summer in Newport Beach

  5. i wish i could have been there.
    i love the picture of ella and bella. they are getting so big. which means im getting old... wow!

  6. I love H&M!! Did you get anything fun?

  7. I'm sad we missed it. I wish britt would've got work off


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