Tuesday, July 1, 2008

S Is For

is for seersucker

I love everything that is made out of seersucker. I especially love seersucker clothing, thats why I can't wait for Sunday. Trav has a new seersucker outfit for church. I am sure you will love it too, but you have to wait until Sunday to see it!


  1. I am so glad I got a early showing!

  2. can you change that to "an"

  3. seersucker will always remind me of our brother wearing his new seersucker suit from Buds Duds to High School.

  4. I heard it was a blazer and shorts!! Will he be donning those shorts on Sunday? Jake will be soooo jealous!

  5. I think the Neff boys all love seersucker suits because the ultra-dapper Boyd Lindquist used to wear one to church on summer days.

    I wore mine on my wedding day.



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