Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today I am very happy {and grateful} for
  • Cold air. We have been with out for a few days and now that it is fixed I just might be the happiest girl alive.
  • Amanda. Thank you for bringing me that fan. Your the best!
  • Feeling my little one move. There have been times that I thought I felt him move, but wasn't quite sure. Today I felt him move {with out a doubt}.
  • A thoughtful note from a friend. Thank you Jenny, you made my day!
  • My husband. Travis has been super sweet to me, especially since I have been pregnant. Poor Travis has to listen to ALL my pregnancy complaints.
  • A cute voicemail. One of the girls from our primary class left us a voicemail last night. It was so cute, we couldn't erase it.
  • Being able to sleep in to 9:30. Bliss!
  • Ice Age. What would I do with out a bubblegum shaved ice to cool me down?!

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  1. to bad i haven't gotten you any ice age's... i would be your favorite if i did:)


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