Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Just Another Stylin Sunday

We made the trek to Provo today for my nieces farewell. Trav thought he could get away with the short suit again.
Maybe next week I can get him to shave.


  1. haha. too funny.

    i love the tie. it matches your blog header, right?

  2. When I was in NYC, I went into an H&M in SoHo. I saw that this suit comes with a vest. And wondered, "why didn't he get the vest, too?"

    The shorts would look good with a navy blazer too.

  3. He debated about the vest and decided he probably wouldn’t have worn it. Did you see the matching hat? Oh and did you hear H&M is coming to Salt Lake in the spring?

  4. trav isn't shaving till the baby... duh


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