Monday, September 29, 2008

Any Suggestions?

Any suggestions on things I should {or should NOT} pack in my hospital bag?


  1. hey - I just packed my own, so here are my "must haves":

    - socks. I never cease to be amazed at how cold my feet get, especially when it's time to push. i recommend ankle ones - they are easier for husband dear to take on and off for you.

    - slippers that you can just throw away after your stay - I hate walking around with shoes on the L&D floor, but don't want stuff tracked into my home - I save some "almost spent" slippers for my hospital stays. or just get some cheapy ones at Target for your stay - I'm taking leapord print ones :D

    - sleeping mask and ear plugs. i'm also amazed at how loud nurses can be - it's like they kinda forget your are saposta be recovering/getting some sleep - these have proved to be invaluable.

    best of luck - can't wait to hear/see details and photos!

  2. Don't forget shampoo like I did. I ended up having to wait in the hospital shower for ten minutes while my mom found a nurse to refill the pump dispenser of shampoo because it was empty. Not fun. Also some thick socks because it is freezing in the hospital.

  3. I recommend a box of crackers (or something similar) that Travis can snack on if he gets hungry (keep in mind 1st labors are usually the longest. Mine was 16 hours.) ...and you can snack on later.
    Also, a notepad to jot down thank you reminders; maybe just bring some thank you cards and save a step.
    I think I already told you about this, but I took a cute notebook that I have written little notes to the girls in since I was pregnant. It is great to write down your impressions now, it is amazing how quickly you forget little details. Megan loves to have her book read to her. ;-)
    I am sure you already have these, but a book and a coupe of magazines are a good idea too. Fun, fun!

  4. Bring your own comfy clothing! It's hard to be in that yucky hospital gown for more then you have to. It's not glam at all, especially when you have visitors which you are gonna get! If you are breastfeeding then have a shirt that button down the front for easier access! It's taken me to number three to finally figure some of these things out! Also I would bring cards or something that you can do to pass some time so you are not completely thinking about what's going on! Oh and definately some snacks for Travis and even for you after. You can only take so much hospital food and you are on their schedule. You don't want Travis having to track down some food when you want him there with you.
    Those are my suggestions!

  5. i'd say don't worry bout food, you are right next to costco and i will come and see you everyday you are in the hospital so i can bring you whatever you want. (so that means no baby before nov. 2 ok!!!!)

    my favorite thing i brought from home were my pillows, but i was in the hospital for like a decade so you might not need to worry bout that.

    hmmmm i think that's it for now.

  6. I agree with Amanda, I loved having my pillows there with me, and don't forget to bring one for Travis too. They didn't have one for Dave when we were there. I also brought a couple blankets for Dave and for me cause the hospital ones felt too light. (it was COLD)!

    I also brought a little bathrobe. Not a huge Terry one, but a light one to wear walking around. Since I had a C-section, I couldn't wear my cute jammies, and had to wear the hospital gowns. So the robe was great to cover me up a little when taking little walks in the hallway.

    Such an exciting time! Can't wait to hear more!

    -Sarah Shaw


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