Monday, September 22, 2008

Just a thought

If this baby is like me it will definitely come early.

If this baby is like his daddy he will be REALLY late!


  1. If I were in Vegas I would put my money on this little fella being early. Let's see if I would come home more wealthy or kicking myself in the leg.... Come on big money...

  2. *EDIT*
    If he is anything like his daddy, he will live there until he is 25.

  3. Most first babys come late. Subsequent babys are usually born earlier than their first born sibling. Hence Travs the first and you were the last.

    Plan for late. Then you won't be disappointed. Plus if I know you, you're already packed and ready to go.

    Plus if you're anything like me or mom... you'll be late

  4. Julie, I love that Deeds is like you and hope and pray that she isn't like the other "M" word.

  5. umm i totally love your siter's and how the comment. i just wish they had blogs of thier own i could comment on.

    I'd say plan on late too, cuz those last two weeks you'll be really pissed like i was that i didn't go into labor.


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