Sunday, October 5, 2008


  • I love this cool weather. I am finally not dying of heat.
  • Laying in bed all day to read reduces the swelling in my feet and legs.
  • My belly button is starting to pop out.
  • My hospital bag is all packed. Thanks for your advice.
  • I finished Cider House Rules and am now on this months book club book.
  • I broke my flip flops and am forced to wear Sauconys that are really hot.
  • Only 15 more days of work, if I work up to my due date.
  • 2 baby showers down and 2 to go.
  • I can't wait to try the crab legs Travis brought home for me.
  • I need to buy a big purse/diaper bag. I REALLY want the giraffe one my cousin's wife has.
  • Dying to figure out what movie this song is in. It's driving me nuts! Please help me figure this out.

*note that song is in a lot of movies, but there is one in particular I am trying to think of.


  1. it was in the new version of Romeo and Juliett (with Leo and Claire Daines)

  2. I think they have used it for NFL commercials on FOX TV. See you have taken in some football sitting on the couch next to Travis.

  3. Hey, sounds like our EDD is round the same time! Mine's Oct 22. =)Take care and thanks for visiting Laissezfaire! x

  4. I love reading your little tidbits about your pregnancy. It's fun to remember!


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