Monday, October 6, 2008


Does it mean I am nesting because I want to re do everything in my house? I don't think I am nesting, I think I always want to redecorate my house.

I really want to change my master bathroom to blues and browns and while I am at it I could change the bedroom to match.
I doubt Travis will go for it, especially after he just painted the baby's room (and installed our new faucet and patched a hole in a wall and put new hinges on the closet doors).
Maybe we can work on the redecorating once we are settled in with the baby.

Towels from PB


  1. I ALWAYS want to redecorate my house and my husband thinks "that i am never satisfied" why can't husbands just know we like to change things up. my downstairs bathroom is blue and brown and I love it!

  2. must be the weather, cuz i want to redo everything in my house as well.
    new colors, new furniture....sigh


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