Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brody's birth

Here is the story

Picture of Travis holding Brody at his first real doctor appointment

I woke up early Thursday morning (Nov 6th) to my water leaking. I wasn't really sure if my water broke, it felt like I peed my pants. I wasn't having any contractions and I just wasn't sure. I laid back down for a few minutes and when I went to get back up I felt a gush of fluid. I was sure, my water had broke.

Once we got to the hospital the nurse checked to make sure my water really broke. It did.
The nurse moved me to my labor and delivery room and got me all set up. I liked all the machines I was hooked up to. It was really cool to see when I was having a contraction, especially since I wasn't really feeling much.

I started progressing quickly and started feeling the contractions so I got my epidural. I was pretty nervous for this part, but it really wasn't bad at all. The epidural was nice and it even allowed me to take a little nap.
I was so excited when the nurse told me I had progressed to a 9. I thought it would all be over soon. I was wrong. I stayed at a 9 for a very long time.

Finally I was told that the doctor wanted to do a c section. I wasn't going to progress any more and the doctor was worried about infection (because it had been so long since my water had broke) and my cervix was swollen. I was ok that, I was actually excited to know it would all be over soon.

Finally at 10:46 pm my baby was born! I watched as they checked him out. His apgar score was 9/9. Then I watched as they handed him to Travis. I loved seeing the expression on Trav's face as he held our baby for the first time. I have seen that same look a thousand times since then. He is such a proud daddy!


  1. I think I saw that look on Travis face yesterday! He's a dang cute Daddy! Chopper is such a cute boy! I love the little sounds he makes when he's sleeping!

  2. How cute! Welcome little Brody... Looks like he had a proud daddy. Congrats you two!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you!


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