Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday I made Kelli take me to get pictures of Brody (I am not suppose to drive for 3 1/2 more weeks) I love his little grumpy face! And those chubby cheeks!
I didn't know where to get pictures. I ended up going to Kiddie Kandids. They are a little cheesy, but overall I like them.
Where do you like to get your pictures?

Yesterday I bought the book Baby Wise. I am really hoping to get Brody on a good sleep schedule. I need my sleep too!


  1. When my baby was tiny I took him to Sears and Target and absolutely loved them. (I like Sears a bit better than Target)They are quite a bit cheaper too! Brody is so so cute.

  2. look how cute! yay for baby pics! Ol chop looks super cute!

  3. baby wise is awesome. Rube slept throught the night at 8 weeks. Just don't take the book too literal.

  4. Cutest picture ever! Sorry we haven't gotten dinner for you yet I promise we will soon I am just swamped at work and have been working 12 hour days...but I have a really awesome photographer phungphotography.com and is really reasonably priced you should check him out.

  5. don't have any tips on where to get pictures done... but did want to tell you that I think the ones you got are too cute! Congrats again and good luck with the sleep schedule. Hang in there.

  6. I've heard of this really cool chick who does cute pictures of little ones. I think the site is: www.lisarichardsonphotos.com or something like that!


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