Monday, December 22, 2008

Brody Bear

All of a sudden Brody is getting so big!

  • He is growing out of his clothes
  • He is wearing bigger diapers
  • He is smiling for us
  • He sleeps in his own room (this happened awhile ago)
  • His legs are getting very chubby
  • He doesn't cry every time we change his diaper ( he hates his clothes off)
  • He is sleeping longer

I love my Brody Bear!


  1. I love your Brody Bear too! Cute picture!

  2. Brody is so cute! I need to come over and see him!

  3. It's the best, huh? You think you can guess what it is going to be like, but until you hold your baby, you just can't imagine that you can love someone so much.

  4. bahhhhhh he is so freaking adorable!

  5. -clothes, what size. Sammy still in 3-6
    -Diapers, what size. Sammys is sz 2, that is if he wear disposables.
    -Sleeps in his own room! Wow I was never able to get my kids to do that!!
    -AHH i love chubby legs
    -Sammy loves diaper changes...soon Brody will too!
    -He's sleeping longer, I'm jelous!'s sounds like he's doing real well! How are you holding up!
    He's VERY cute!


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