Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Travis!

A BIG happy birthday to my favorite boy! On our 2nd anniversary I made a list of things I love about Travis and thought I would post the list again.

1. The Kisses he gives me before he leaves the house
2. His driving abilities (best driver ever)
3. He has a nice body!
4. Not only does he cook for me but he cuts my steaks for me too
5. The daily calls on his lunch break
6. He shares his soda with me even though he doesn't want to
7. He is a thoughtful gift giver
8. His Halloween costumes (or lack of)
9. He loves my cabin just as much as I do
10. He walks around the house singing songs from Les Miserables
11. He sings really loud in the shower
12. He doesn't laugh at me when we play softball
13. He buys big tubs of bubblegum ice cream for us to share
14. He respects his parents
15. He loves my nieces and nephews
16. He calls me Nanner
17. He will grab a bag of chips and call it dinner
18. He hangs the towels up the right way (my way) just because I asked him to
19. He holds my hand in big crowds so he won’t lose me
20. His doodling
21. He hates fruit just like me
22. Cute little birthmarks on his bum
23. Our Barnes and Noble dates
24. When we go swimming and I can’t touch the bottom of the pool he holds me up
25. He goes to Disneyland with me
To add to the list, he is the best dad!


  1. That is so cute! Travis you are great! Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, that was so sweet!! Dee Dee I am so happy for you. What a wonderful happy little family you have.



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