Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brody Chopper

I can't believe how BIG my baby is! I swear he grows so much every day.
I have been putting away all of his clothes that no longer fit. Its a little sad but on the bright side he is growing into more cute clothes!
Everyday it's something new with Brody. A few weeks ago he discovered his mobile and he loves it!
He is quite a noisy little boy. He is always making some little noise, even in his sleep.
Brody is now consistently getting 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 hours of sleep each night. I am so happy! It has taken a little work to get there (read the book Baby Wise) but it is so Worth it.

Brody use to scream when we changed his diaper, changed his clothes or gave him a bath. He hated to be naked! Now he rarely cries when we do those things and Sometimes he even enjoys his bath.
I love taking pictures of Brody while he is sleeping. He just looks so sweet and peaceful.
One of my favorite things is when he falls asleep in my arms. Sometimes I am quick to put him in his crib when he falls asleep (I have so many things I should get done) but I try to stop and enjoy the moment because I know this time won't last forever.


  1. He is so cute! I totally agree with a sleeping baby in your arms is wonderful! Seriously... nothing better! See you on Tuesday?

  2. Are you bringing him to book club?

  3. Glad to hear another "Babywise success story." Who knew that theory could be so controversial!!!!

    All in the name of sleep!

  4. I love that Brody boy! He likes me too. I can tell because he will fall asleep in my arms.

  5. I can't believe how big HE is getting! He is so stinking cute! Wow. And I really love the Mr. T shirt you got him. Where did you pick that up?

  6. I love that little guy! Especially all of his little noises!

  7. Do! Stop everything and enjoy the moment. Before you blink he will be running down the hall saying "Hurry Hurry" and laughing his head off. Each day gets better and better, but those newborn moments are ones to be cherished!

  8. He is soo sweet! And cute! I can't belive how big he's getting1 What size clothes/diapers is he in?? If your interested at all.. I can send ya a cloth diaper to see if you like using them. Would you like snaps or velcro...just email me I sent both Candina and Natalie one and they both loved it!
    I can't belive he's sleeping through the night! SOO jelous!


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