Thursday, January 22, 2009

Physical Therapy

This morning was Brody's physical therapy. It went really well!
The physical therapist said that Brody has the mildest case of Torticollis that she has ever seen. We have a few exercises we have to do daily that should fix everything.

The appointment today was basically an evaluation of Brody's limitations. He really didn't have any. He was quite the show off. The physical therapist said he was as advanced as a four month old baby. That's our boy!


  1. So glad to hear things went well. He sure is a cutie. (I'm not just saying that because of the post right before, he really is a cutie!).

  2. I am so so happy to hear about Brody. What a champ! I suck for not seeing Brody yet but would still love to see him and you!

  3. That's great! You must feel so relieved. Go Brody!

  4. yeah that is so good to hear


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