Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I thought this ticket stub diary was a good way to store old ticket stubs. I have always liked to keep my stubs, even if it is from an old movie.

I usually store mine in my journal. I usually just paste a big envelope to the last page in my journal so I can just throw my old stubs in there.

Or sometimes I will paste them on their own page. These are maps and tickets stubs from a trip to Italy.
I also like the way my niece Kelli stores hers. She puts hers in an old photo album. Simple and easy.
How do you store your ticket stubs?


  1. cute journal... I like to keep mine in the travel journal I keep for each trip I take...
    I used to save movie ones, but gave up for lack of a good way to keep them... UGH!

    The metro tickets are so cute in France... I wanted to make a mini book out of them!

    Love your site!


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