Tuesday, March 3, 2009

World War Two

I love a good WW2 story (I think I get this from my mom). I just finished watching The Band of Brothers and Schindler's List. I also finished reading The Book Thief.
Now I just need some suggestions on more WW2 books and movies.


  1. oh where to begin...WWII was my emphasis within the history portion of my major and also my passion - here are some of my favorites:

    - Mila 18 - about the Warsaw ghetto and uprising
    - Winds of War and War & Rememberance - both the books and the mini series(most libraries have the mini series, but so does our aunt shirley!)

    - Miss Rose White
    - Shinning Through
    - Escape from Sobivor

  2. i stand corrected - it's aunt iris that has them, not aunt shirley!

  3. you should read the hiding place by corrie ten boom. It was a little slow starting out but it was amazing!

  4. What a great movie! I have so many books and movies on WW2, it is my favorite era in history! I will get a list of what I have and share what is good!

  5. I feel the same way you do, only about books like the other bolyn girl and movies like elizabeth and the duchess. my husband is a history buff, i'll have to ask him about WWII movies. i know he like das boot, he's a HUGE fan of war movies.

  6. Deeds, you should read "Night" by Elie Weisel. It's about the last part of the Holocaust, a little disturbing, but a must read.

  7. Deeds - I have some pretty good books about the Holocaust from a class I took at the UofU.
    One of my favorites was "The Reader" (yes, the same movie that Kate Winslet won an oscar).

    Of course some other films that are good are:
    Life is Beautiful
    The Great Escape
    The Dirty Dozen
    Kelly's Heroes
    Flags of our Fathers
    Letters from Iwo Jima

    but you can't forget to watch Victory! to see the POWs play soccer against the Germans.

  8. oh, one more - A Town Like Alice - it was a good book (though slow at times) but the made for tv movie was great. love that story.


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