Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 Truths (and a lie)

I like to make my cakes from scratch
I use to eat lucky charms everyday for breakfast
I have only been to 3 concerts

I trip on the stairs about once a week
I love talking on the phone
I hate touching newspapers

I wash my face every night before bed
I make my husband write thank you notes for me
I don't watch TV

Can you spot the lies? Each group has 2 truths and 1 lie.


  1. Just guessing the lies here:

    -Making cakes from scratch
    -love talking on the phone
    -Washing your face every night before bed

    ??? I love trying to guess these on ppls blogs!

  2. I thought I would see if I'm any better this time around. But it looks like Casey beat me to the "lies" I was going to guess.

    Although I don't think you make your husband write thank you's. He's just naturally good like that.

  3. Answers

    I have NEVER made a cake from scratch.

    I am not big on talking on the phone

    I rarely wash my face at night


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