Monday, April 27, 2009

Travel Tips Please

We will be taking Brody on an airplane for the first time this weekend.
If you have any travel tips for me let me know.


  1. I read in a magazine to bring a bag of Hershey kisses to give out to neighbors on the plane. It seemed to win a little indulgence when I took Meg to Oregon. I also got a few new toys/treats to occupy her. He'll do great! Have fun!

  2. Make sure that he is sucking on his binkie or a bottle during take-offs and landings. Their little ears can hurt and this will help.

    Also, as hard as it can be, try to keep him on his regular schedule. Or at least make sure he gets some good zzz's in his stroller.

  3. My pediatrician told me to bring a bunch of cash with me so that I could by drinks for the people near me if Ruby went ballistic. That might not be helpful on a flight leaving from Utah.

  4. when you check in, mention that you have an infant traveling (you have to disclose this anyway), but then ask how full the airplane is - if traveling on Southwest, you can snag an open seat next to you (he'll have to ride next to the window according to law), but it will make your traveling a lot safer and more pleasant. if traveling with another carrier, ask to be shuffled around so that you can sit next to an open seat for him. it's SO worth it.
    i love the hershey kiss idea - going to implement that one for sure. i just traveled with three kids alone (as you know :D) and that would have been nice for the couples that sat next to Jayden across the isle from me...that kid got his great grandpa L*'s genes for conversation!
    and props to Julie for mentioning th bottle/binkie thing for take off and landing - i'm amazed at how many mothers are clueless on that one and make their kids (and the rest of the passengers) suffer.
    i also always bring along a new book or toy (just something little) for each of my kids for the airplane - nothing like something new to occupy their hands and minds.
    have a BLAST!

  5. give him milk during take off and landing. will make sure his ears dont clog= no screaming!

  6. Cyn Gagen, cydlee61@sympatico.caTuesday, 28 April, 2009

    i defintely concur with all the ideas of having a pacifier or bottle handy for the baby to suck on during take off and landing because my poor daughter suffered so on her first plane ride...she always had problems with her ears and ended up needing tubes in them so airplane travel was very difficult and painful for her!...this won't work for brody at his young age but a great tip for when he is a little older is to buy those Colourforms (they had them out when I was a kid but you can still find them in some places...if not you can buy vinyl like that clear plastic they use for shower curtains and make your own sticks just like the colour forms!...the colourforms stick really well to the windows of planes (works on car, bus, and train trips too) and my daughter just adored making pictures on the windows...if Brody uses infant formula then I found it was much easier to take the powdered form along with me...I could fit enough in my bag to make many more servings than if I tried to take premade formula and it was easy enough to get water from the flight attendants or indeed at any of the shops in the airport if we had any waits...for longer car trips when i brought along new toys or other treats for my daughter, I put them in paper lunchbags so she couldn't see into them and labelled them with times (1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, etc.) and those were the times she could open the helped to spread them out and build excitement and suspense...hope these help someone!

  7. You could just leave Chopper with his Grandparents!

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  9. Don't pack diapers, just buy them when you get there! Do buy a couple of snack that he's never had before (although know it's very limited at his age)
    I loved the airplane vest...well worth the $$ for the piece of mind if he's traveling as a lap child (ie no car seat)


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