Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flat Head Syndrome

Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome is becoming more and more common. Plagiocephaly is a medical condition that occurs in infants and is characterized by the flattening on one side of the head.
Though there are other causes, most people attribute the Back to Sleep Campaign as the major contributor to flat head syndrome.
Brody has Plagiocephaly because he had Torticollis, a tightening in his neck muscle that limited his range of motion. Therefore he would rest his head in the same spot causing it to flatten.
He had to go to physical therapy to correct it but he was still left with a slight flat spot.

We purchased the Infant Head Bed to aid in Brody's treatment. It has made a significant difference. His head is rounding out more every day.
The infant pillow is specially designed to help cradle a baby's head and prevent the flattening of the head. It is one of the few FDA approved infant pillows out there.
I know I will use this for all of my babies to prevent plagiocephaly.

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  1. Good to know! Can you buy it locally or only online? I will ask you at group.


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