Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Want

There are two things I really want from PB Teen right now.
The first is this cute work & relax table. It's just too bad it doesn't come in red to match my living room.

The second thing I want is this display-it storage mirror.
I am not sure where I would put it, but I am sure I could find a place.


  1. I love Pottery Barn! Those both are so cute! I'm really loving the work and relax table! So cute! Too bad that wouldn't exactly match my couches!

  2. i love pb! normal pb, tenn pb and kids!

  3. OK, thank goodness I am not alone in my coveting items in the PB Teen catalog! They have the COOLEST stuff. I have to pry it out of my daughter's hands when it comes in the mail! :)
    I had not seen that adorable round table/ottoman. You have red in your living room? We are officially BFFs now.

  4. oooh, I love that work and relax table. Sooo cute!

  5. I really love the Display it storage mirror! What great finds!


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