Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things I Have Learned by Being a Mom

-Tupperware is a fun toy
-Bananas stain
-Having Brody shower with dad is easier than a bath
-Patience is a talent
-The right toy can make all the difference
-Early bed times make me happy
-Brody's laugh is one of the coolest things ever


  1. oh ya - showers with daddy are a real time and life saver.

  2. But, Travy is missing the skinny tie. Tell him to call me and I will hook him up with some circa 1983 skinny ties.

  3. So true! (Don't you just hate those stinking banana stains? I couldn't believe that one!)

  4. Fouond you through SITS! I have one more to add: Blogging about being a mom is cheap therapy. LOL!


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