Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quiet Books

I have been wanting to make Brody a quiet book for awhile but I wanted to find a kit that had everything in it. Yes, I am too lazy to do it all on my own.

I bought this cute color quiet book kit and can't wait to start on it.

I also thought this nativity quiet book pattern was darling.

If I wasn't dead set on making a quiet book I would have bought this pirate book.

I might have to make this all about shoes book too. Brody loves shoes, just like his daddy.

Here is another cute pattern for the monster album.

If you have any links to more cute quiet books send them my way.


  1. oh I absolutely love quiet books! And they are so captivating for my little ones! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Those are about the cutest things ever!

  3. I have been looking for some quiet books. These are great,thanks!

  4. you will die when you see the quiet book i'm making. I started it on tuesday and will hopefully finish it saturday. it's for my moms super saturday and an amazing artist designed it. she says she will sell them for $150.

  5. These are wonderful ideas. I'm just learning to sew so I might try to make a book. Thanks!!

  6. These are adorable! My kids loved quiet books--they kept them captivated for long spurts of time, which is a very good thing. You are so smart to start with a kit.

  7. umm i think you need to make me one, considering you know how awesome my sewing skills are. i will pay you. ok now get to work on it.

    loves you

  8. These are so cute! I want to make one =)

  9. I just love those, I would love to make one for my daughter. She would like the shoes one!!


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