Monday, December 21, 2009

Sippy Cups

I have had the hardest time finding a good sippy cup.
Is there anyone else out there like me, looking for the right one? I have tried a few and thought I would share my thoughts on them.

Nuby Soft Spout Cup
I really would have loved this sippy cup, except the lids are always popping off. I didn't dare put
anything besides water in it. On the bright side, the soft spout makes it easy for a baby to use.

Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Soft Starter
Overall this is a great cup. No spills, easy to hold, easy to clean and it has a soft spout.

Playtex The First Sipster
I like the small size and handles of this sippy cup but you have to sip really hard to get anything out of the spout.

Nuby Straw Sippy Cup
This is by far Brody's favorite sippy cup. It is easy for him to use and it's light weight so he can carry it around with him. The spill proof silicone straw is my favorite part.

What kind of sippy cup do you like?


  1. I am still searching for a cup that doesn't leak or get chewed up at the top by a small boy.

  2. I use the Gerber Garaduates Fun Grips. They really don't leak and they are easy to clean - not a lot of parts like some sippy cups!

  3. I have learned the hard way and only use Playtex sippy cups. I have a scary, intense hatred for Avent sippies, which I threw away one morning in an angry tizzy after they leaked whole milk all over the house! Good luck!

  4. We used to have those when my children were young. I loved them.

    Getting what you want is suppose to be Momma's way!

    Have a Great Christmas! I hope you enjoy all the fun of the season with your family.

  5. They are all so cute. I miss the days of sippy cups. Sorry I can't help with this one.

  6. Yes sippy cups that are great are few and far between! I have twins so its like twice as hard to find them around the house even and when I do...ICK! Puddles and junk


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