Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mustache Love

It seems I can't go shopping without seeing something with a mustache on it.
They are everywhere!

Here are some of my favorite mustache finds.

1) Mustache gloves
2) Mustache bandages
3) Mustache necklace
4) Mustache love buttons

1) Mustache napkin rings
2) Mustache rocks glass
3) Mustache bag
4) Mustache chapstick

1) Mustache onesie
2) I heart mustache button
3) Crayons
4) Mustache ring


  1. I love these! Too cute, my husband is gonna crack up when he see's them :)

  2. thank you for letting me know about these!
    SO CUTE!

  3. the mustache onesie is too cute.

  4. Now who knew that a mustache could be so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. this is a great mustache collection!! awesome! :) xo.

  6. I just stuumbled on your blog today and I started crackinbg up when I saw this post. I just ordered a "Mustache On A Stick" from Whiskerworks ( I had made one out of felt, but these are made with a custom clay/plastic. It's been great for pictures.


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