Friday, June 25, 2010

Time for a Toddler Bed?

I started thinking about a bed today, a toddler bed to be exact.
Brody's bed is a lifestyle crib, it will convert into a toddler bed, a day bed and a full sized bed. He is still in the crib but we had to lower it as far as it will go because we caught him kneeling on top, ready to fall. Actually, Travis had to rig it to lower it even more than the standard settings would allow.

So my question for you is, when did your kids start in a toddler bed?
How did you make the transition?

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  1. Hi there!

    I had no choice but change our crib into the day-bed toddler style just days before our little guy turned two. The little monkey climbed out (without injury thank-goodness!) so I knew it was time to make the transition. We still put up a guard so we don't have to worry about him falling out, but there is just enough space near the end of the bed to slide out on his own.

    In addition, we purchased a light timer that comes on the same time every morning and he's to stay in his bed until it comes on. We did this same thing with our oldest child (now five) and it worked great especially in the summer months when the sun comes up so early, but it's not 'wake up' time yet. :)

    Hope that helps - popp'n over from SITS! :)

  2. We took off one of the sides of the crib to start the transition. I guess that's the day bed option?

  3. I have no idea how to do this but would love to hear another post with all the suggestions and what ends up working for you. I'm dreading this process when it comes, lol.

  4. Don't do it unless you are ready to give up nap time.

  5. for our daughter, we redocorated and surprised her w/ a big girl room and she loved it so much she never looked back (she was 2). we are going to transition our 21 month old in july to his toddler bed. i think he will be harder to work with! ;)

  6. Don't do it yet. Postpone the transition as long as possible. The worst is when they aren't fully awake in the middle of the night but since they can get out of the new "big" bed, they get up and roam around. Seriously, i'd wait as long as possible.

  7. I took my kids out of their cribs when they were potty training. With Jake and Abby I put them right into regular twin beds and they were fine--maybe put a pillow or two around them the first few times so they wouldn't fall out. With Sophie I just took one of the side rails off of her crib when she started potty training.

    I wouldn't take him out of his crib until you absolutely HAVE to! They have way to much freedom that way!

  8. Thankfully, my daughter still has not tried to escape her crib. She's 2 1/2. I plan on keeping her in there as long as possible! She adores climbing so I'm shocked she hasn't learned she can climb out yet!

  9. We had to transition due to #2 coming, but we got a toddler bed and put a rail on it. It felt similar to the crib for her so she liked it. I would leave them in as long as it is safe because nap time does become more of a battle.


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