Sunday, November 21, 2010

Give Thanks- What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Melissa from I Still Love You

I come from a family where we dressed up to go to the mall. No sweatpants or ripped jeans were allowed. Those were only reserved for grubby yard work & dirty hikes up the mountains. I still love to dress up for Holidays like Thanksgiving. It gives me an excuse to bust out the mascara. Here are a few rules I like to abide by that make my turkey munching pleasant & fashionable:

Black vs. Brown - Thanksgiving is such an earth-toned holiday. Why not match? I like to wear browns & neutrals with a little kick of color.

Fit to Flatter - As much as I try not to over eat, I usually do. Thanksgiving I like to wear comfortable slacks, skirts (with cozy tights) or jeggings to prepare for any expanding that occurs. It's also nice to dress comfortably in preparation for the post-feast siesta. I've found awesome jeggings at H&M & Walmart (LEI - $12). They're great for any expanding belly.

Casual to formal - I'm surely not going to wear a formal dress to a casual Thanksgiving dinner. So if I'm not sure what kind of dinner crowd I'm going to be in, I like to mix the high & low. Mix a skirt with flats, jeans with heels, teeshirts with necklaces, etc.

Layering - Thanksgiving isn't just a sit down affair. As much as I'd like to leave the dishes or cooking to everyone else, it's not going to happen. I like to have plenty of layers (short sleeves & cardigans!) so I can stay comfortable in a hot kitchen.

This Thanksgiving I plan on wearing my go-to brown sweater, a peach H&M top, a brown belt blue, jeggings and my new brown boots. What will you wear?

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  1. Melissa's got STYLE with a capitol S. I love that you come from a fam like that. My dad totally wears sweat pants and calls them his "Thanksgiving pants."


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