Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Crafty Holiday

 I am excited to be participating in Angela Flicker's A Crafty Holiday Blog Hop

The idea behind the blog hop is to support the handmade movement.
I love buying handmade items because I think they generally have more character and don't usually look like  the same stuff I see in every mall.

Here are some of my handmade picks.

 Appliqued childrens clothing from Bambina Mia

 Personal planners from Much Ado About You

Pillow covers from Deco Yellow

 Ahoy necklace by Joanna Rutter

Sonya Mac Designs posted yesterday
Marked by the Muse posts tomorrow

What are your handmade picks?


  1. I really love that pillow from Deco Yellow. And when I visited her shop I notice she had a TON of great pillows. And she's from Salt Lake?! Buying local and handmade, woot, woot.

    Thanks for participating in our hop.

  2. the children's clothing ... I failed to think of this ... now, I must rethink ... Thanks for this most awesome post

  3. loving the personal planner & pillow! wouldn't it neat to own a state necklace for each state you have lived in?! fun! wishing you a happy holiday.

  4. I like the idea of the "State" necklace but what if the state you live in is ugly shaped haha? Just kidding, I think it's a great idea and I loved visiting your site.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I *love* the California charm necklace! I am a native Californian and I have never seen anything so cute and sweet to show off state pride :) (well, we are a billion dollars in debt and have a few other problems, but what can I say, it's the only state I've ever known) :)


  6. Hello! I too love the idea behind the state necklace and the personal planner. What i love about this little hop is getting to know so many new artists! Loved stopping by your site and really resonate with your ending quotes from Dr. Seuss"BE WHO YOU ARE AND SAY WHAT YOU FEEL BECAUSE THOSE WHO MIND DON'T MATTER AND THOSE WHO MATTER DON'T MIND." I saw this and took it as one of my signs for today, that I'm going in the right direction with rewriting and vamping my site. Feels a bit daunting but exciting. Have a great holiday!

  7. Those are great gift ideas. I think I might just get one of those state necklaces!

  8. The necklace and hoodie are so cute! Thanks for sharing your picks!

  9. I really love that I heart California necklace but it's ridiculously expensive. Well, for me anyway. =)

  10. i pretty much need to make a knock off version of the CA heart necklace. it' rocks and i do heart CA! i promise! ;) ps: my handmade pick is a quilt from etsy. a great big cozy one! true love.
    Yours Mine and Ours

  11. My favorite find was a set of fused glass coasters with poppies. (Which are a long running joke with a friend.) I am so excited to give them to her! I wish I had a jeweler's torch. Then I would be making lots of silver for friends. Maybe next year. :)

  12. Very cute, I love these! Especially the state necklaces, so much fun.


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