Thursday, December 16, 2010

What to Wear to a Christmas Party

Jackie from Sweetie Pie Style is guest posting today! 
She will be sharing her ideas on what to wear to a Christmas party.

Hi guys! Jackie of Sweetie Pie Style here once again, to bring you some outfit ideas for the whole family.  Last time I shared with you Thanksgiving looks, and this time I am here to share looks for Christmas!  When it comes to coordinating looks for the entire family, I like to stick with one unifying color palette.  That way, when you are taking family pictures, you all look great next to each other!

As you can see, I chose red and black as the base colors.  Then I added in gray and maroon for a bit of variation so the outfits don't get too monotonous.  Another thing to keep in mind when dressing the whole family is to maintain the same level of formality.  Brother shouldn't be allowed to wear his jersey tee and jeans if sister is dressed to the nines!  How do you like to dress your family for the holidays? 


  1. love love that red coat!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks again for having me participate Dianna! Happy Holidays!

  3. i would dress my little girl in that complete outfit, i love it!

  4. Love that black wrap dress. Simple and chic.

  5. Whoopsie. Just accidently bought the Gap dress for me rather than my sister. My intentions were good but I wanted it dammit! I might let her borrow it....

    Loola x


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