Friday, December 10, 2010

What to Wear to a Christmas Party

Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls is guest posting today to share with us what to wear to a Christmas party!

If you've read my blog, BonBon Rose Girls, y'all know I'm a fan of getting all dolled up! So, you can only imagine how excited I get about the holiday season. With holiday soirees, dinners, get togethers etc. to attend, there are usually mucho opportunities to throw on a pretty dress!

Now that I'm the harried mama of a wild child toddler, I don't get dressed up nearly as often as I'd like to. Happily, the holidays have provided me with more than one dress up occasion! All I can say is three cheers for holiday parties! Here is my dream party outfit. It consists of a fun, flirty frock, super gorgeous pumps and a splash of color provided by the earrings. Speaking of earrings...Over at our blog we love a good bargain, hence why we have our nearly daily feature the BonBon Deal of the Day...And these earrings are definitely a deal at less than $6.00!
holiday party outfit

From left to right:Martinez Valero Blaine Pump at Nordstrom, Anthropologie Spinning Lace Dress, Forever 21 Vivianne Jewel Earrings, Gap Opaque Tights

I just love adding an unexpected color element to a fairly neutral palette. I did so recently with a pair of red chandelier earrings for my birthday celebration! So, now that I've shown you mine, I would love to hear about your dream holiday party looks!


  1. Oh, how cute. Great suggestion. I was dreading finding something in my closet for a party I have on Saturday. Thanks for the help!

  2. Thanks so much for having me!

  3. Great outfit, Kristin. Of course, I'm not surprised as you have wonderful taste!


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