Friday, February 18, 2011


I always dream about going on a real picnic but I never end up going on one.
It probably has something to do with me not owning a picnic basket.

I think Brody would love a little picnic basket, we could walk to the park (when it warms up) and have our own little date. I could get a picnic basket for 2 or a picnic basket for 4 and we could bring some friends along.  Brody would love it!

1001 Picnic Baskets has a great selection of fun baskets and accessories. I even found these cool picnic barbecue sets. The bag actual contains a little portable propane grill. How cool is that?
It would be great to take on little camp-outs or  to a tailgate party.

Now I just need the warm weather. 

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  1. When even I see a picnic basket, I think to myself, "wow, having a picnic would be so fun and cool" but then I never end up buying one...maybe someday! :)

  2. I've always wanted a picnic basket. Darling ones on here!!

  3. We were given a picnic basket as a wedding present, Ive always thought it the most fantastic gift.


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