Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dianna's Must Haves

1) Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Magic Erasers are my go to cleaning product.  They are great for everyday cleaning but they also work wonders on hard to clean areas. They even take crayon off walls.

2) Intaglio Facial Body Cleanser
I discovered  Intaglio Facial Body Cleanser about seven years ago when I was studying to become an esthetician. I was having a hard time finding a good every day cleansing product that I loved. It works great on all skin types and contains glycolic to help keep your skin looking its best.

3) Cuticle Clippers
perfect for trimming hang nails and dead cuticles. You can find them at most grocery stores on the beauty aisle.

Have you tried any of my must haves?


  1. I love both the magic erasers and the cuticle nippers (that's what they were called when i went to beauty school) Most people need to be careful with those puppies. You can get carrried away.

  2. Magic erasers, they are absolutely fabulous, they haven't failed me yet.


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