Friday, March 4, 2011

I Wish

Right now I wish

-I would win the lottery
-I were in Disneyland (here is a list of everything I like to do there)
-Brody would stop crawling out of his crib
-The sun would come out
-Netflix had the movie Phantom Tollbooth
-I weren't so blind
-Water for Elephants would come out earlier
-I had a dozen Lilly cookies from Ruby Snap

What do you wish for?


  1. You got your steps in the right the lotto and THEN Disney (it is so fun and magical but expensive...this is where the lotto $ comes in! :)) You know what, I wish it were Friday...oh, it is :) Have a lovely day!

  2. I wish I did not have to go to work today...

  3. arghhh Ill be in Disneyland in 5 weeks. i am so freaking excited...I wish it would come quickly!!!

  4. too cute!! (to the post above photo)

    and right now i wish that some home made chocolate chip cookies would appear and that they would be 100% fat free... we can wish right?? hehe.

  5. A great list! I'm wishing for a few of those myself!
    Disneyland, of course is one of them!


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