Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Thanks!

A few weeks a go Camel Cigarettes started sending me coupons in the mail. I guess they think a few dollars off a pack a cigarettes will make me run for the door to buy some. Wrong!

Last week they thought they would send me a little birthday gift. Aren't they sweet?
Lucky me received Coupons for cigarettes, chew and if that weren't enough they also gave me little sticky notes so I could remind everyone that my birthday is coming up.

No thanks Camel!


  1. Yuck! Do you mean that's NOT what you wanted for your birthday? ;-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. Hilarious, celebrate your birthday by taking up smoking. That way, you can have a few less birthdays in years to come!

  3. I got these too! They didn't say anything about my birthday though. I wondered where in the world they got my name. I sign up for a lot of samples/coupons/freebies in the mail so I assume someone shared my info. but i don't smoke and never have so i thought it was strange.

    i also got like an 8 oz container of pipe tobacco in the mail and have no idea where it came from either.


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