Monday, May 16, 2011

Babycakes Mini Cupcakes

Last Christmas my parents gave me a Babycakes mini cupcake maker.
I have been meaning to try it out but I kept forgetting, until last weekend.
I decided to color my cake batter for some fun bright cupcakes. 
They were so easy to make, I didn't even have to preheat the cupcake maker. 
Each cupcake took about 2 tablespoons of batter and only about 5-7 minutes to cook.
They tasted so good we ate them before we had a chance to decorate them.
Babycakes also sells a donut maker, a whoopie pie maker and a cake pop maker.
I am dying to try out the donut maker.
Have you tried any of the Babycakes makers?


  1. omg that looks awesome!!! Off to look if they are available in the Netherlands!!

  2. I just barely saw these at Kohl's! So awesome!

  3. Awesome! I need one of these!

  4. Just recently saw these and have to say I'm scared to try any of them. It could turn into something VERY dangerous!!! Hehee! Think you could make muffins in that cupcake maker? THEN it might be worth was cleanup?


  5. The mini cupcake maker can also make muffins and mini pies.
    The cleanup was easy...kind of like a waffle iron.

  6. I would love that for summer. I hate to bake in the summer for fear of heating up my house!

  7. I had no idea these existed! I would use this for cake pops often! :D

  8. I want in on those little machines. I love small appliances and these would be great in the summer.

  9. I want it for the donuts and cake pops!!! I love this!

  10. My babycakes cupcake maker JUST came in the mail today! I'm SOO excited to use it tomorrow! I've got a fun idea for it.. Your cupcakes turned out so cute! Glad to hear that they taste good. :)


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