Saturday, May 28, 2011


Sometimes I play a little game in my head. I like to pretend I won the lottery and I get to build and decorate my dream house. Do you ever play games like this?
Sometimes I will even search the Internet for ideas. One place I like to look for tables for living rooms is on 1001 Cocktail They have a large collections of tables including glass tables.

Sometimes it can be hard finding just the right table to fit your style but the selections at 1001 Cocktail and 1001 Console has quite a variety. You can find anything from modern styles to ornate and decorative pieces.

How would you decorate your dream home?

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  1. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too! Love all the pretty tables. I dream about our "perfect" house all the time. Someday... :)

  2. i play this game all the time! And i design the house on the Sims 2 :)

  3. i wish i hade my oen home to decorate!


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