Friday, May 27, 2011


Don't you just love the color yellow? It is Brody's favorite color. He is always pointing out things that are yellow or he wants to eat just the yellow fruit snacks. Sometimes it's that he wants to play with the yellow cars or wear the yellow socks. As long as there is yellow my boy is happy.

I like yellow because its so bright and vibrant. It reminds me of Summer.
I thought I would post some yellow today to brighten up your day.

From left to right.
1) Ruffle front top
2) Salt Water Sandals in yellow
3) Vanilla yellow cupcakes
4) yellow flowers
5) Gingham shorts
6) I can't remember where I found this dress. So sorry!

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  1. I love yellow too. I'm going out today to buy some lemons to put in a glass hurricane!


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