Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dianna's Must Haves

1) Glue Dots
These can be used for everyday use and all kinds of crafts. They are so easy to use.

2) Oxi Clean
This laundry spray helped me get out old yellow stains from some of the little suits Brody wears to church. They were my brother's from over 30 years ago and Oxi Clean helped make them look new again. Oxi Clean has also helped me get out tough food stains on Brody's clothes.

3) Toy Story Big Boy Underwear
Now that Brody is potty trained he is very particular about what underwear he will wear. He almost always will only wear Woody or Rex big boys.

Do you use any of my must haves?


  1. Just curious how old Brody is and if you have any potty training tips. Thanks!

  2. Kate,

    Brody is almost three years old. I think the best potty training tip I can give is, wait until your child is ready. Earlier this summer I tried potty training and forcing it just wasn't happening. Once Brody was ready he wanted to do it on his own.


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