Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Little Matador

I really wanted Brody to be a matador for Halloween this year (this is most likely my last year to decide) but I didn't love any of the costumes I saw. I decided the best thing to do was to make one. That's where my mother in law comes in. I just told her what I envisioned and she made it happen, but much better than I could have dreamed of.  She is amazing!

 Brody loves being a bull fighter. 
I have even caught him trying to draw a mustache on himself a few times.

Check out some of the details on Brody's matador costume.
Thanks Beth!


  1. I don't like fullfightings but this boy looks really cute in the costume :)

  2. Brody is adorable and the costume is fantastic. A matador is so original, way to go.

  3. You are more than Welcome!
    Brody makes it look so good.

  4. Are you KIDDING ME??? That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! She should go into the costume making business!

  5. Beth is amazing! I hope you "get" how lucky you are with your mother-in-law.

    Your little bull fighter is pretty cute.

  6. he looks amazing!!!!! ahhh, you did such a good job :)

  7. Very cute. Love the mustache! lol

  8. That is unreal! So darling!
    Keers (by the way)

  9. Love it! Where did yu get the hat?


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