Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Door Hanger

Today I am going to show you a fun Christmas door hanger that would make a fun gift. You can leave one on your neighbor's front door or perhaps you could put one on the bedroom door of your family members.
I love that each door hanger you make can be personalized.

Lets get started.

Supplies: paper or cardstock, marker, scissors, hole punch, ribbon, Glue Lines Glue Dots®  
Step 1. Fold paper in half
Step 2. With the fold at the bottom write Merry Christmas on the paper with the marker 
(I printed mine on the computer)
Step 3. Using the hole punch, cut a hole in the two top corners
 Step 4. Open the paper and place Glue Lines Glue Dots®  along the inside of the side egdes, close and press firmly
Step 5. Thread the ribbon through the two holes and tie a knot on each side
 Fill with gifts and goodies
  Filling ideas: chapstick, candy, Christmas card, notebook, pens and pencils, small toys, a bag of nuts, Candy canes, photos, movie tickets, an ornament,  the possibilities are endless

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team. 


  1. Fun idea! I am going to do this for my kids.

  2. Que bonita idea ,gracias!!!

  3. This would make a darling decorated envelope to put your Christmas Cards you receive. You could personalize with your Last Name and the Year. Also, adapt a top fold over piece to make it easy to close and file away as keepsakes.


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